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  A response received from our feedback survey in Spring 2009:

Has it been an asset to your organization’s work?  "Yes … we use it regularly"

Have you shown the Baby Steps DVD to an abortion-minded or vulnerable client which resulted in the woman changing her mind about abortion?  "Yes!" 

How many lives have been saved through the showing of this DVD?  25+

 "In counseling, I present materials to clients and let them choose.  The name Baby Steps is right for the moment and doesn’t intimidate.  Please do more – it is so helpful."

 "We’re near 550 free ultrasound scans, 5000 contacts and celebrated 6 years last May."

"HLI's affiliates all over the world are using this video as a teaching tool to train seminarians, religious, students and others on the development of a child. This DVD shows that unborn babies are truly human persons (a fact pro-aborts often try to disprove) and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect."

-Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer
Human Life International
Front Royal, VA


"It's a true lifesaving tool to win the hearts and minds of moms in crisis pregnancy."

-Chris Slattery
Founder and President
Expectant Mother Care Frontline Pregnancy Centers
New York City, NY


"I know this will save babies."

-Gloria Whitley, RN, Nurse Manager
Bethany Pregnancy Center
Fredericksburg, VA


"I personally gave the video to one woman who was having trouble convincing the father of her baby to keep the baby.  She took it home for him to watch and told me it really helped her get through to him and helped him bond with the baby (so early in her pregnancy)."

-Staff Member
Shared Pregnancy
Lansing, MI


"Mary Doe came to our center and she had made up her mind about having an abortion done since she was going through a situation with her baby’s father who is 30 years older than Mary.  He was pushing her so hard to have an abortion.  After Mary came and she had the chance to watch the DVD, she realized that what was inside of her was an angel sent by God.  I am happy to say that her baby boy, now five months old, is the joy of her life!  She tells me that she can’t picture her life without him."

"This situation started by me receiving an abortion call one morning around 8 a.m.  When I answered the phone, I heard a young woman scared and crying.  She started telling me that she just needed to get a number of an abortion center.  I proceeded to ask her if she knew what an abortion does.  After talking to her for several minutes, I was able to have her come in to our center.  This is when I realized that she wanted the abortion because she was going legally blind and could not take care of a new baby and her two year old.  I explained to her that I knew she could do it and that I wanted her to watch a video.  She agreed and she was crying while watching it.  She told me that she could not believe that her baby was probably doing things that she saw in the DVD.  I am happy to inform you that she had a beautiful baby boy and she’s happy with her two kids and is doing fine."

-Staff Members
Pregnancy Resource Center
Fort Bend County
Rosenberg, TX


"We love the DVD and have it running continually in our lobby.  Every soul who waits for their appointment is able to view life at all pre-natal stages."

"We stand in faith that the number is much greater than our records show; now at seven (7) saved in '09."

-Staff Members
Paulding Pregnancy Services
Hiram, GA


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