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  About Baby Steps

Amazing 4-D ultrasound imagery features preborn babies from eight weeks to 34 weeks old.  You'll see detailed pictures of babies as they roll, yawn, blink, spin, smile and stretch throughout their 16 stages of development.

This DVD can have a powerful effect when shown to others and can even save lives— especially when used by pregnancy resource centers or during sidewalk counseling in front of abortion mills.

Create Health Clinic in England provides you with 4-D images of babies like you've never seen before! 

American Life League, Inc., The United States' largest and oldest "no exceptions, no compromises" pro-life advocacy organization put the video together, and in 2008, makes it available to you in eight languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Delightfully narrated, the personal guided tour feature takes you on a 26-week journey you'll never forget.

You'll laugh. You'll love.  You'll learn.

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Executive producer: Judie Brown
Producer: Craig Kapp
Director/editor: Dwain Currier
Graphic design: Bonnie Seers, Shannon Flanagan
Narrator: Susan Kapp
Web site: Eric Martin



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